Welcome to Faith for Families

A Faith Walk, that's the journey God has taken us with our six children. As we home-schooled, prayed, cried and laughed through 33 yrs of growing in our Lord Jesus' character. Walk beside us as we continue to grow in God's character together, becoming what God has called us to be. You are who God says you are...

Faith Talk is learning to walk and talk according to God's view of your life, according to His word. Let us help you see the vision God has for your life and help you walk in that dream of becoming all that He created you to be.

  • Print off Faith Scripture posters to hang all over your house.

  • Character challenges: Take the challenge and let God make you all He's called you to be.

  • Be Faith Filled: Read, learn and grow, fill yourself with Faith Talk daily. Read the bible, study books (suggestions list on our site) and memorize His word, it will change you



Hammes Family

Dan and Wendy Hammes, their six children, and son-in-law and daughter-in-law



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